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What about Glass?

Portrait Wedding Photography

Glass? Let's get the jargon out of the way right off the getco, what exactly IS glass when it comes to talking photography?

Glass are lenses, it's the "cool" way of saying lenses, and it's probably the most important piece of equipment when it comes to getting that crisp, beautiful look you see on a lot of wedding photography profiles over on Instagram.

So what piece of glass do I rock?

My very first one was a Nikkor 28-300mm, if you ask any professional if this is a recommended piece, they'd probably laugh at you, since this particular glass is mainly for travel, and that is a big no no when it comes to getting that sharp look that other pieces deliver, for weddings, portrait and so on, where you def need that

With that being said, I knew getting into the professional photography world of portraits, models, weddings and so on, running with the 28-300mm was definitely not going to cut it, so here's where we start asking questions like, what can you work with in these types of projects? What focal length would suit a beach wedding?

One thing you should know is that there are two different types, zoom and prime lenses. The difference? Well it kind of speaks for itself, one zooms, while the other ones fixed.


My Glass

The Nifty 50mm

Everyone's favorite go to prime lens, the go to of go to's, and my own personal favorite one to use. I personally use the Sigma Art 50mm 1.4f, which does amazingly in low light situation, which is exactly what you need shooting in dimly lit rooms like churches and receptions for your weddings and portraits. I've been using this beautiful glass for the past year or so and have absolutely no complaints. It's a VERY sharp lens that gives you that clarity that every photographer is looking for.

Nikkor 14-24mm

TECHNICALLY, this lens is meant to be for Real Estate photography (the reason I actually got it) however I can't help but bust it out for some shoots here and there, and I gotta say, it is one fantastic zoom lens. Sharp, Fast, Quiet and the quality delivered?

Nikkor 28-300mm

Like all things, we have come full circle, and granted, this zoom lens is by no means an incredible lens, but it is diverse with it's options, 28mm is a good starting focal zoomed all the way in for those close up shots, and should you need to make it look a little different you could always take a step back and capture some shots from a far, or alternatively use the zoom in lens as a beginner wildlife photography piece, which was initially the main reason why I got this glass.

Is it fantastic? I wouldn't say so.

Do I still love it? Of course, it's my first piece of glass and that alone means a lot to me.


My Recommendation (just an opinion)


I've heard a lot of people swear by this focal length, although I didn't actually ever give this glass a shot.

Fun fact: this is probably the closest lens and focal point to what our eyes see, with that being said, I have been looking to get into this lens for my weddings and portraits because I do notice that although I love my 50mm, I do notice sometimes that I wish it would be a little wider to get more of the surroundings in the shot.

The Nifty 50mm

I can't stress enough how much I gravitate towards this specific piece of glass, whenever there's an event or a wedding or a model that needs my photography expertise, this is by far my go to saving grace, and for good reason too.

Granted, most high end glass is a bit of a financial splash and literally an investment, but take it from me, it's worth it.

From the first time I picked up my Sigma lens and started snapping, I wasn't able to look back since.


And there you have it, the glass/lenses I use for my weddings and portrait work along with a very quick recommendation on what you should consider, obviously everyone's situation is different and I wouldn't recommend these pieces for someone looking to get into full time wildlife photography or real estate photography, but just expressing my love for the ones I currently use and would consider should you be getting into a more people oriented photography position.

What piece do you use? What kind of photography do you work on? Leave your comments and thoughts below.

And as always thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my thoughts and two cents.

Much love.


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