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Popular Photography Spots in Saint Petersburg, Florida!

Updated: May 11, 2022

Got a photography session but not entirely sure where to snap those beautiful photos? No worries fam, I got you covered, keep reading on to discover my own personal top photography destinations around Florida (along with some of my examples for show)

So here we go, top #photoshoot destinations around #saintpetersburg #Florida.


Saint Pete Pier

Arguably, one of the most popular and newest hot spots around our beautiful city, this stunning port has so many hidden gems where you can pose for a shot and you're definitely spoiled for choice when it comes to the rich colour around, be sure to head there during sunset to get that beautiful aesthetic with all the oranges and purples in your background!


Warehouse Art District

#Graffiti is the name of the game when it comes to this very #urban looking spot, a popular destination for local artists to head to and bust out the spray cans and freestyle their vision on stone, arguably one of the most artistically concentrated spots in St. Pete.

A simple walk in the area and you'll see so many murals to choose from, personally my favorite one is the one Kia and I found next to central, you'll also want to match whatever your model/client is looking for.


The #Beaches, beaches!

This list clearly wouldn't be completed without mentioning beaches in an area so close to the ever-so-popular #Clearwater beaches, however even though Clearwater is the tourist destination known across the US, Saint Pete is no stranger when it comes to beautiful sandy beaches including, #StPeteBeach, #MadeiraBeach, #TreasureIsland.

Again, just as my St Pete Pier recommendation, I highly recommend heading there at #sunset and utilizing the rich colour of the golden hour to capture ever lasting memories.


And now it's your turn! Do you agree with the spots? Have I missed out on some of your favorite places in the Area that you think are worth mentioning or adding to the list? Leave your comments down below and let's have a conversation :)

As always, a huge thank you to YOU, dear reader.

Peace. سلام

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