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Wildlife Photography

   Strike a pose, you rockstar!

   Posing is not easy, take it from someone who's tried, it comes natural to some people, however I've worked with  a lot who struggle with understanding what to do with their body and faces once the camera's pointed at them, so why make it stressful? Instead, let's have fun and play around with stages and poses, after all, that's the point of taking photos, to enjoy yourself and look back on them with nostalgic joy.


  There are so many beautiful spots around sunny Saint Petersburg where the abundant colours and design are begging to get included in your session, flowers, urban grafiti designs around the streets left behind by talented artists, the options are endless.


  A smile goes a long way, granted, however one thing I've noticed from my previous portrait sessions, is that the body is the part that stiffs up more, not the face, so I'll be sure to get you loosened up and relaxed before we start creating digital moments, a relaxed body makes a good picture.


  Services in this field include, portrait photography, fashion photography, modelling photography, headshot photography, couples photography, etc.

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