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What is musaweron?

   In Arabic, musaweron or  مصورٌ literally translates to 'photographer', before the company got envisioned I was thinking of what would make a good name to represent my photography brand and decided to go the simplest way, which is usually the right way, and name the company my literal occupation.


   My aim and mission with this creative entity is to wipe away all stigmas and stereotypes Middle Eastern, specifically Arabic culture has amongst the Western media and public through the power of artistic creation and representation.


  Creation is the opposite of war, and through this gift and creative expression, I will bring positivity and peace to every project that's entrusted upon me through the beautiful souls I will meet along this great journey we call life, may it not create separation and alienation but may it bring unity and growth through the power of love and understanding.


Your Photographer
    Aziz El Halabi

"Hey everyone!
This is Aziz El Halabi.
Firstly I just wanted with a heartfelt thank you, for not only taking the time to read something like this, but for you, investing so much time with looking into who you can trust in being a part of you creative and expressive process, so hopefully once you've gotten to know me a little more, you'll realise that I too share a similar passion with you, to capture that moment that lasts a lifetime where you can look back at it and feel that glow of nostalgia within."
  Aziz H.

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