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A move across a bridge, Thank you Saint Petersburg

This is more of an appreciation blog post more than anything else, and what better way to say thank you than through a blog post, amiright?

I have a lot to be grateful for Saint Petersburg, I called it home for years and will never forget all the great memories I had in the sunny shores and all the amazing projects I had been blessed with.

Does that mean I won't be working there anymore? Nope! I'm right across the bridge folks, I decided to move to Tampa and reside here temporarily until life throws me against the wind once again as I trust the guidance of this thing we call life.

I've also been spending a lot of time doing Real Estate Photography, along with Food Photography, so if you're a realtor or a F&B business owner and need some photos, I got you covered!

As much as I enjoy portrait photography I have also found a liking to taking pictures of still images, wether that's food or brick and mortar, there seems to be quite a grace and patience to finding that perfect photo.

Anyway that's all I got time for this blog post, just a rambling and a quick update really.

I appreciate your time reading this.


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