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Blog Posting - Important?

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

I gotta say, even though I'm still quite reasonably new to this whole blog posting situation, I do enjoy getting my thoughts down on "paper" and saying what's been going on through blogging, it's quite therapeutic.

Now granted, no one wants to hear the squables of a mad mind, but instead things that are actually applicable to a #photography page, so granted there's only so many things I can talk about in regards to the mechanics and technical aspects of #portraitphotography and so on, instead I'm also going to incorporate some marketing elements into the mix, along with some of my favorite photoshoot sessions (with some behind the scenes)

So in the mean time, lets discuss blogging, how important is it?

Well the more I blog, the more I realise how important it is, since it helps with SEO (search engine optimization), in other words Google ranking, on top of the fact that like mentioned before, I genuinely enjoying getting these thoughts organized down via "journaling".

Also just look at how pleasant the mix of gifs along with text is, its just so aesthetically pleasing.

I mean for God's sake, I get to throw in Patrick and Tom in on my "work", what's not to enjoy about this. So, the better question, who do I recommend this to?

It depends, if you're business savvy and want to see the SEO results through thoughts on "paper" then blogging is def for you, especially if you're also shamelessly throwing in SEO friendly keywords (ahem, #tampa photographer, #tampaphotography)

If you want something theraputic and enjoyable then this is also for you, you kind of need to ask yourself why it is that you're blogging and you'll get to the answer as to why it is you'd want to get into it.

With that being said, I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you more, specifically ones dedicated to #photographers and #photography and I'll keep everything here relative to the page and what it brings.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, yes YOU!

Much love always.



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