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Let's talk gear!

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

The most important question,

What gear do you use? #nikon is my baby.

The D810 to be specific.

Not necessarily the newest in technology, but don't let that fool you folks, this 34 megapixel beast is no stranger to the party, unlike most technology, camera DSLR bodies actually end up staying in the market for quite some time.

And the Nikon D810 is def no exception to that rule.

As you guys can tell this is my very first blog post, #blog and all that good stuff, guess the hashtags help according to those SEO wizzkids, so naturally I'm going to be releasing blog posts about what's been going on in the photography world along with the hot spots on where you can find the best spots to take your photographs in the #Tampa bay area.

So for now, here's a huge THANK YOU, yes YOU, dear reader for taking the time to not only read this blog, but for taking time out of your day to check out my thoughts and insight.

More to come.


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