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Website Re-do 4.0

Okay so it might not be too noticeable or anything fancy, however upon studying more and more about SEO practices, one of the go to recommendations to ensure that your page is optimal and google friendly is having images that are relatively small while keeping them in JPEG format (had to learn that one the hard way)

Granted I'm not coding here like this lovely feline above, however it's still quite fascinating to me seeing how things are coming about the page with simple modifications here and there that end up telling google what I'd like to target within the regions, ie adding alt text to images, that greatly impacts the overall searchability of the page depending on what each image is described as.

There are obviously tried and true ways of implementing designs and overall layout of website pages, but hey the website design is also a part of the overall creative process and it brings me great pleasure and joy to take each image and give it a purpose in place along the way.

I've still got a little bit of work to do before I can officially call this website complete and finalized, yet I can def see the improvements and steps it's taking to eventually be fully fleshed out and "perfected", as we all know doesn't exist, I think the most important thing is just constantly adding images and text and keeping the website fresh.

Obviously adding keyword searches to this blog post is important like #photographer and #tampaphotography and so on, but that's not all that this website is meant to be, yes it's a marketing platform to get my words and vision out there, but it's also a creative endevour that still has soul, I feel once you implement too much "business" into something, it starts to lose it's flair and soul, so finding a healthy balance between the two is def key moving forward.

Anyway, a little update for all you lovely folk who actually take the time to read this and care about my steady growth with this beautiful website and photography adventure, and yeah I appreciate your support, much love!

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