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Understanding SEO and AI generated Content

My previous AI written blog post received 1, ONE, view, compared to the average 20 or so viewers that my blog posts usually get, and I couldn't help but have a little chuckle at how the internet is able to sniff out SEO forward blog posts, because truth be told, that's exactly what that was, an attempt to shamelessly dish out as much keywords as possible for Google to push this website forward, because ultimately, who would say no to organic traffic, every blogger and freelancers dream.

Sunset Image of river with cars passing by, landscape photography one could say

So from here on out, no more AI driven posts, if I do end up using Jarvis or what have you, I'll add a disclaimer at the top of the blog post, to let you guys know that it's purely for SEO purposes.

Let's talk a little more about SEO, but not from the AI standpoint, but the developer standpoint.

It turns out there's actually a significant amount of ways to push your keywords forward, take the image above for example, there is a way to add information, within an image that speaks to Google directly and tells them "Hey, this image you're looking at? It's a street and has lights and sunset and so on and so on". This is called alt text, and you're literally telling Google what the image represents, thus adding more elements and keywords to your website.

Most people completely overlook this one simple SEO trick that is literally giving users free keyword possibilities, granted it does take a bit of work making sure that each image has the corresponding keyword that you're trying to target within every image, but you can't deny that it's a very useful part of website building to know and understand.

So there's your freebie for this blog post.

I'm going to get back into blogging more and more to see how I can engage with my audience, not only is typing therapeutic, but I legit enjoy the process of getting to talk about subjects that interest and matter to me, and I hope they would matter to you to, why else would you still be reading all the way to here?

For those who have actually stuck around and have entertained my ramblings, I wanted to say a quick thank you, and I appreciate the love and support you show, feel free to let me know what you think of SEO and blogging in general, has it helped you out?

Much love as always,


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